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Truckload cargo carrier.
Smartway Transport Partner

Service Throughout Canada and the USA

Quik X provides superior truckload and expedited truckload transportation within Canada and between Canada and the USA.

You will benefit from:

Overnight Truckload Between Southern Ontario and Québec

Quik X Transportation is a leader in domestic transportation in Canada, delivering next day transportation service between Southern Ontario and Québec.

Expedited Truckload Across Canada

As a matter of convenience for you and us, Quik X ensures non-stop, expedited truckload service Canada-wide via our Quik X Transportation division. With our LTL West service, it is only natural that we also provide extensive truckload service East. We use team drivers to ensure we keep our commitment to speed and safety.

You will benefit from:

Expedited Truckload Cross-border

Our Roadfast division has been providing customers with quality cross-border transportation for more than 25 years. Specializing in truckload (TL) service between the USA and Canada, Roadfast is dedicated to keeping your freight moving across our borders.

Quik X is well equipped to serve your truckload needs and act as a critical link in your North American supply chain.

You will benefit from:

Quik X Transportation is also a customs bonded carrier in Canada and the United States with experts in customs clearance procedures to ensure your expedited truckload service is never delayed.

Quik X is certified in the following programs: