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Roadfast truckload transport.
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Domestic Truckload Services

The common denominator across the commodities we carry is the need for time-sensitive transport of higher value commodities. This extends to perishables like meat and produce requiring either heated or refrigerated services. We're also one of the select Canadian HAZMAT carriers that transport hazardous goods.

Within Canada we specialize in serving the regional truckload requirements between Ontario and Quebec and also run as far west as Thunder Bay and Winnipeg. We're participants in the Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) program along the Windsor/Quebec City corridor which gives us added capacity and reduces our carbon footprint.

Cross-Border Transportation

At Roadfast, we have provided customers with quality transportation since 1990. Specializing in truckload service, we focus on the transportation requirements between the U.S. states east of the Mississippi and Ontario and Quebec markets. With sister companies Quik X Transportation and Quik X Logistics, we're able to serve our customers' complete North American shipping requirements.

Roadfast participates in all the Homeland Security and Customs programs to keep our customers' freight moving in a seamless and expedited fashion across our borders.

These include:

We have the Resources to Serve your Time-Sensitive Truckload Requirements

Roadfast is well equipped to serve your regional truckload requirements on a domestic and cross-border basis.

Features include:

When We Promise, We Deliver.

Our customers often comment on the consistency of our performance, accountability of our team members and accessibility of critical shipment information. We continue to introduce new technology to further enhance our service capabilities. When we promise, we deliver and that extends to both the same day, overnight and longer haul segments of our truckload service offering.

Airport to Airport Road Feeder Service

Roadfast provides dedicated over-the-road transportation for the air cargo industry, on an airport-to-airport basis. With a fleet of high capacity, roller-bed equipped trailers and late model highway tractors, we provide non-stop transportation of containerized and palletized air cargo between Toronto, Montreal and international airports in the U.S. Northeast, Central States and Midwest.