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Our most common general positions:


From time to time we have openings in our service centre locations for experienced Night Billing Clerks. If you are interested in pursuing a career with us in this area e-mail your resume to

Dock personnel

From time to time we have openings in our service center locations for experienced dock personnel. If you are interested in pursuing a career with us in this area e-mail your resume to

Sales, finance, administration

From time to time, we have openings for qualified, experienced individuals in the areas of sales & administration (all service center locations), as well as finance & accounting (head office only). We offer a comprehensive group benefits package and a positive work environment. If you are interested in pursuing a career with us in one of these areas e-mail your resume to

Get to know Quik X

Established in 1990, Quik X is a solid, progressive industry leader. Quik X knows that a tractor doesn't drive itself, a trailer doesn't repair itself and a load isn't sold or dispatched automatically. Our people fuelled the success of this company. Our people are innovative, enthusiastic and thoughtful. For our associates the term “continuous improvement"¯ isn't just a catch phrase, it is a way of looking at the job at hand. Our associates are curious and creative and the ideas they bring forth have led to the success in which we all share.

Our mission statement directs the way we operate: We will provide our customers with quality transportation services of the highest value, while emphasizing sustainable growth and public safety as measures of corporate strength and security for our associates.

Quality means delivering freight on-time. It sounds like a simple concept but this is a bar many companies can't reach.

Sustainable growth means recognizing that growth is a measure of strength and a requirement for survival but growth is not to be obtained at any cost.

Creating an environment of public safety means ensuring our drivers are well-trained, with all necessary testing and documents in order, our equipment is top-notch and well-maintained, and that we not just meet but exceed all Ministry of Transportation and Canada Labour Code Health and Safety regulation provisions.

The best way to achieve security for our associates is to operate a profitable company. Profitable companies are companies that actively pursue an environment of continuous improvement. At Quik X we know an environment of continuous improvement is developed when we reward initiative and creativity, encourage honesty and integrity, actively listen and provide latitude of freedom for associates as they work toward established objectives and goals.

Work life rewards

Compensation: In addition to competitive pay, Quik X ensures that you and your dependents have a full range of benefits. Our well-rounded benefit package includes: medical, dental, prescription, vision, out-of-country benefits, life insurance and short and long-term disability. We also have an Employee RRSP Savings Plan program that helps you plan for your future.

Quik X also recognizes that life can have challenges. We offer an Employee Assistance Program that supports you when and how you need it:

Everyday issues

Emotional well being


Addiction & recovery


Parenting & childcare


Older adults

Solutions to everyday problems through:



One of the reasons Quik X has prospered was our belief that growing our own management from within the company was critical. We have a healthy and well-implemented hire-from-within program. We encourage success by providing the training and tools staff need to grow. We pay the full cost of all required courses and, subject to certain requirements, offer full tuition assistance to associates wishing to further their education.


A healthy environment permits people to work effectively, develop themselves, and achieve their aspirations. Fostering a work environment that has these characteristics means:

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